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Michelle I Coach sportif I Genève

Localité : Canton de Genève

Langues : Français / Anglais



Après des années passées dans le monde exigeant de la mode et des relations publiques, j'ai enfin poursuivi mon rêve : devenir une professionnelle de la santé et du fitness. Même si enfant, je détestais le sport à l'école et essayais toujours de l'éviter, j'ai fini par tomber amoureux du fitness.

La forme physique a changé ma vie. Cela m'a rendu plus fort, physiquement et mentalement. Cela m'a appris à être plus discipliné et organisé. Lorsque vous prenez soin de votre corps et que vous vous aimez, votre confiance grandit au fur et à mesure que vous progressez.

J'ai 12 ans d'expérience et j'ai été formé dans les écoles de crédit-bail de Londres et de Boston.

J'aimerais être votre entraîneur et vous aider à changer votre vie comme j'ai changé la mienne.

Localité : Genève

Langues : Français / Anglais


Femme blonde à la mode


" A latecomer to exercise, unafraid in the boardroom but terrified in the gym, I have had the fortune of being trained by Michelle over the last 4 years. During this time, she has helped me build muscles that never existed before. Unable o do a single press-up at the beginning, my "Party Piece" is now a series of 15 (at a time), preferably on the dance floor!"

Michelle has also helped me BIG TIME in preparing for a full hip replacement - to the point that I was walking with only one stick 2 days after he op and was discharged by my surgeon 3 weeks later. Remarkable recovery in everyone's books."

Jeune femme d'affaires


" I had the joy of working out with Michelle for 6 months while based in London and it was physically the best thing I have ever done. Michelle enabled me to change my body shape, lose weight and feel completely differently about exercise. She also became a good friend.

Michelle is passionate, enthusiastic, and incredibly knowledgeable about what she does, and constantly keeps up to date with new exercises, new fitness ideas, and dietary information to offer her clients the best service. She is dedicated to each individual she trains and despite each of her sessions being understandably hard work, it is impossible not to enjoy them. As and when I come back to the UK I will seek her out once again ! "

Homme d'affaire


" When I first met Michelle I was in bad shape, poor health and couldn't last for more than half-hour in the gym - mostly due to long office hours. With the help of Michelle, I was able to completely turn myself around.

Now I love to train on a daily basis. At the age of 36, I feel fitter than ever before. I`ve even competed in an athletics tournament and I fought in a white-collar boxing match. My fitness also motivated me to try other sports like tennis, CrossFit, TRX, and swimming. "

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